Hello, and welcome to the writer’s desk. I am your host, Lilyana Kingsten!

I’ve got a lot of things going on here, so let me introduce you to my website here.

If you check out my blog, that’s where you’ll be able to see a lot of updates on my writing. There will be topics listed like research, writing failures and successes, and the daily updates as I progress through NaNoWriMo!


On my website, you’ll also see, if they aren’t there yet, that there will be new tabs popping up as I go. Those tabs are going to link you to different pieces I’ve worked on. Mostly, random things I was writing when I got bored and an itch to write, but sometimes they’ll be chapters I felt the need to share.

My primary work is done with espionage and action, but I am also throwing fantasy into the mix with some other work as well. I will also have a section in the future dedicated to different short stories.

I’m not currently published right now, but well, when I am, anyone on my site here will be the first to know!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you all enjoy what there is too offer!