The Young and the Brotherhood

Seth Jones sits down at the same table for all of his meals. He spends his mornings going from lesson to lesson, and his evenings alternate between homework, Prefect duties, and his friends. In boarding school, aside from sports and visiting the local town, there’s not much else for him to do.

However, this is not a normal boarding school.

Stonewall Academy is one of the best kept secrets in English history. Founded in World War II, it was designed to train young boys in the art of espionage, expanding to girls at the height of the Cold War. Sense then, it has continued on with it’s legacy of training students to be masters at espionage. With Seth’s father a teacher and his mother the Head Chef, they seem like the happy little family they should be.

When Seth’s estranged brother darkens the doorsteps with an ominous warning and a flash drive full of intel he’s desperate to get to MI-6, things take a dark turn. Soon, Seth is thrust into not only the struggles of bringing his big brother home, but he nearly loses his trust-and his apprenticeship.

When Seth’s brother goes missing, there’s a massive manhunt in the espionage world after him-some for rescue, some for the price tag on his head.

And Seth’s the only one with the answers to save him, now.