Master Ingart; Agent Ingart

Master Link Ingart is one of the most talented, intelligent, and highly skilled wizards there is. Agent Link Ingart is also a highly accomplished Intelligence Officer at MI-6. They are one in the same person, but both sides are rarely mixed together, until one day Link has no choice.

With the news that a rogue asset has decided to come home, Link is tasked with keeping tabs on the asset’s brother. The team believes he will make first contact with the boy. The problem? That boy is his boss’s son, and now he’s being made to watch him.

This would be easy, if the kid didn’t go to espionage school. And, naturally, if Link wasn’t getting intelligence that his world had collided with Earth. And if he didn’t have to open this secret more and more as he dug deeper into this mess.

After all, Link was now tasked with saving two homes, and he had no idea where to start.