The Last Link

Linkling Aldar Ingart has the most usual name. He wishes his mother had given him something a little more…well, normal.

Unfortunately for Link, his life was anything but normal.

As one of the most accomplished Legendary Wizard’s his world has ever seen, Link is known to most of the land, and along with his wife, took off to Earth, and somehow managed to land himself in a position at MI-6, where he continues with his great success.

However, he’s the only one there who knows he’s a wizard. And, Link perfectly well likes it that way, thank you very much.

However, when the two world collide, and a pack of Ferrals are teaming up with a highly-targeted terrorist organization, Link’s secret is on the line. It’s up to him to put a stop to this mess. The Feral’s have even managed to drag humans into Link’s world, where death, destruction, and mayhem ensue.

Will Link be able to put a stop to it, or is it going to cause World War Three-across two world?